Terenure 5 mile prizes for kids

Terenure 5 mile prizes for kids

The 34th Sportsworld Terenure 5 Mile Race. 13th May 11am – walkers start at am. Entry €20 + € transaction fee. Enter the Terenure 5 Mile Race. In aid of RNLI. Prizes sen, masters; post race party, music. Terenure 5-Mile, Race HQ Terenure College, 11am, €20, in aid of the Jack and Jill Foundation. Terenure 5 Mile. likes · 3 talking about this. SOLD OUT IN & A Classic 5 Mile Road Race - Flat, Fast, Fun. Organised by Sportsworld.

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Terenure 5 mile prizes for kids -

The Terenure 5 Mile Race is organised entirely on a voluntarily basis by Sportsworld Running Club to raise funds for the development of the club and to make a make a sizeable donation to a nominated charity each year.

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Lena Heffernan Within the event description section be sure to include as much information as possible so people can make an Terenure 5 mile prizes for kids decision about your event. Join us on Sunday 24th June for another fun day in the Phoenix Park! Victoria Park, Belfast, 9am.

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  1. We have people competing at national level and people who just want to run to keep fit and for enjoyment.

  2. The Terenure 5 Mile Race is organised entirely on a voluntarily basis by Sportsworld Running Club to raise funds for the development of the club and to make a make a sizeable donation to a nominated charity each year.

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