Addict of the month

Addict of the month

Hey ID Addict, Sweeties Sweeps has your weekly Investigation Discovery Addict of the Month $1k Giveaway codes. Watch ID every night at. For some reason a very popular true crime TV channel thinks it's a good idea to become an Addict of the Month. We couldn't believe it either. SORRY, THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Check back in the future for the next giveaway! See Past Giveaway Winners · Take me back to the homepage.

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One winner takes it all with a c. On each day of the Sweepstakes Period, a code word will be displayed on screen on Investigation Discovery during the 8: Is visible in our winner Addict of the month and community.

September 29, Addict of the month 18, To improve performance and save database resources, please enter the randomly generated Access Code before continuing with your request.

Ready for the big time?

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  1. Investigation Discovery invites viewers to watch its programming every night for a new code and chance to win its Addict of the Month Sweepstakes.

  2. To improve performance and save database resources, please enter the randomly generated Access Code before continuing with your request.

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