Prizes altador cup x

Prizes altador cup x

Top 4 of AC X Congratulations to team Haunted Woods who brings the Altador Cup home for the second time in the Cup Enjoy your prizes and remember that we will be back next year to bring you the best coverage of the Altador Cup!. Hello! I am (obviously) new to TDN. I recently returned to neopets after a long hiatus, so I have forgotten all kinds of things. I apologize for the. Each June, the Altador Cup captivates players worldwide as they compete throughout the month for the right to claim the tournament's championship.

By Mouseykins , July 3, in Neopets News. Now it's time to go and spend all those prize points in the prize shop. There's lots of goodies to choose from this year! It appears that prize shop points are slightly glitched at the moment. Prize point tallies are not being shown accurately. Might be best to wait a little bit before spending. Glad to know there's some glitchy stuff going on.

Hopefully they'll fix this too! I got a trophy, so it said, but there's nothing on my lookup, lol. Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon. My trophy is missing too Nousha.

Altador Cup X Altador 4th Place. Kau Sorceress Sandals wearable 70 points Not exclusive. This is because TNT have not updated the coding, so scores sent are actually being applied to last year's stats. PassingTacklingToughness Weaknesses: The Prizes altador cup x items were available from the prize shop:.

I am obviously new to TDN. I recently returned to neopets after a long hiatus, so I have forgotten all kinds of things. I apologize on the stupid question. I be learned how to calculate your situation for AC, but how do you know how many reward points you've earned? I haven't participated in AC in diverse years, so I have unconditionally no recollection of prize points, how many you get, etc.

This topic has been edited by a member of club Rune Valentine. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted non-standard irregardless this topic. Also 4 points for a YYB draw? That post has been edited about a member of staff Rune Valentine because of a rape of the forum rules. Will check your user inbox to see if you have superannuated contacted regarding this incident, soon after review our rules. That's right a rank calculator though, not a prize point calculator. That is how many YYB slams you need for that state.

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The Altador Cup site theme was awarded to participants. Click on the images or text to head on over to our Item Database! To get these items, visit the prize You must have reached Pull down 1 to qualify for a trophy; if you remained a Beginner, you were awarded the participation medallion. If you participated, a trophy was automatically added to your lookup after visiting the prize page. Homepage Point Prefs F.

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  1. After scoring so many goals, serving slushies to thousands of supporters and making so much noise to encourage our favorite team, we are all pleased to be able to collect our rewards.

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Top 4 of AC X

The tenth annual Altador Cup began on June 1, and concluded on July 2, As with previous years, users were asked to choose one of 18 teams, each representing a different Neopian land. A staff tournment was held in conjunction with this event.