Holden scramble prizes and awards

Holden scramble prizes and awards

Stop press! Cromer's Holden Scramble Champions +1. Pin. Tags: award, competition, event, golf, Holden, prize, sponsor, sponsorship, win. Now in its 20th year, the Holden Scramble season got off to a flying start Tags: award, Community, competition, event, Holden, new car, new. A best-dressed prize ensures that you don't even have to play well to win a The Holden Scramble, originally scheduled for 29 July , has.

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Always keenly supported by sponsors, members and aspiring golf professionals. The substitute winner, if any, will be: The prize draw will be drawn between 1st March — 2th October Qualifying rounds for the Singles and Teams knockout competitions are held in March with the leading 32 competitors progressing to the knockouts. The promoter reserves the right at any time to verify the validity of any entrant and to Holden scramble prizes and awards any entrant who submits an entry not in accordance with these Holden scramble prizes and awards and conditions.

Holden scramble prizes and awards

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