Vinyl record bowls diy sweepstakes

Vinyl record bowls diy sweepstakes

I love crafts made from recycled records, like this blue-vinyl wall clock and ring- binder journal. It's a great way to re-purpose damaged or dorky. Vinyl records are obviously not the most common way people listen to music these days — MP3s still reign supreme — but 1: Stackable Vinyl Record Bowls. The DIY bowl from a record is a definite oldie-but-goodie craft project. These make great inexpensive party decor, take like 4 minutes to make, and cost 10 cents.

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1: Stackable Vinyl Record Bowls

Vinyl record bowls diy sweepstakes -

Again, make sure that the can is centered. Did this article help you? Vinyl records melt quickly! Thanks for letting us know. Place your record face down on top of the bowl. Make sure that you are happy with the size of the bowl. Open up a window or turn a fan on so that you have good ventilation.


Remove the record from the bowl. The record will now have a bowl-like shaped with ruffled sides. Article Info Featured Article Categories: After about 3 to 5 minutes, the vinyl will start to soften and warp. Place a heavy can on top of the Vinyl record bowls diy sweepstakes.

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Vinyl Record Bowl - So Easy To Make Oolong tea kroger

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Vinyl record bowls diy sweepstakes

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2: Black Record Frames

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