Gopro ski pole mount diy sweepstakes

Gopro ski pole mount diy sweepstakes

GoPro DIY Ski Pole Mount. We're big fans of fixing up a pole mount for a GoPro to get some self portrait footage when cruising down the piste. To do this, we use. Ive seen kids mounting gopros on ski poles and i was wondering if they used Cults · Contests · Hump Day Giveaway · Top Rated Members · Content it will be alot more secure with your go pro rather than some ghetto mount you can go with a diy method, should work just as well, can't really go wrong. We explain the mounts and setting to use with your GoPro to video the skiing surfboard and pole mounts can all be useful for shooting skiing with a GoPro. Gopro ski pole mount diy sweepstakes

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Gopro ski pole mount diy sweepstakes -

The long hot days of summer are a distant memory and our attention is turning to the ski season. Ideally, you want to shoot the same run several times or runs in similar conditions. There you have it. In heavily overcast conditions you may find you need to increase the exposure a little.

A GoPro surfboard mount attached to a ski can also produce some great low-level footage. Get ready for the skiing season with our essential top GoPro skiing tips.

What GoPro mount for skiing?

But why Gopro ski pole mount diy sweepstakes do you need a few video tips? Cant ski much powder in the East Coast so there is really no need to film Gopro ski pole mount diy sweepstakes self with a pole cam. Jan 16 4: Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews. Hi emily, I suggest instead of making something as fancy as this, you should try what I have done, I simply went to my local hardware store a bought a metre long pvc pipe with caps so it is airtight, meaning it floats, and trust me, it does.

Cold weather will also have an effect on the condition and charge of the battery. But experiment with angles so you get several points of view.

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Gopro ski pole mount diy sweepstakes

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