What did jonathan brandis died from

What did jonathan brandis died from

at 27 years old, Jonathan Brandis committed suicide on November 12, , If he had killed himself wouldn't he be in a morgue or somewhere other than. Jonathan Brandis' death has officially been ruled a suicide, the Los Angeles 11 to report that Brandis had attempted suicide by hanging. The term became widely known after Kurt Cobain's death in , with rock fans .. Jonathan Brandis' suicide is a dark reflection of the Like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, she had become a prisoner of her image.

But why the onetime child star took his own life may remain a mystery. Brandis, 27, hung himself two weeks ago but didn't leave a note, stymieing friends and fans as to his motive. The actor was best known for his portrayal of crewmember Lucas Wolenczek on two seasons of Steven Spielberg's underwater sci-fi series, SeaQuest DSV --a role that launched dozens of teen magazine covers and made Brandis a heartthrob with young female fans. According to police, a friend of Brandis' called from the actor's apartment just before midnight on November 11 to report that Brandis had attempted suicide by hanging.

Paramedics rushed him to the hospital but he died the next day. It serves no purpose to leap to conclusions for none of us will really know what led Jonathan to his decision to take his life," said a statement from Paul Peterson, president of A Minor Consideration, an organization that deals with issues affecting child actors. Brandis got his show-biz break at the tender age of six when he landed a recurring role on One Life to Live and appeared in numerous commercials.

He moved to Los Angeles with his family at age nine, and made guest appearances on shows such as L.

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Jonathan Brandis on 'Blossom'

Care to share a few examples? I am so sorry Jonathan died. Memories last forever and those will stay with her. Wed Apr 27, 6: As close as anyone was to him, nothing could have stopped him from eventually doing what he felt was best.

What did jonathan brandis died from

What did jonathan brandis died from -

Your email address will not be published. Jonathan Brandis Brandis in Teen female fans buy stuff. Memories last forever and those will stay with her. I told him that I was one of his best friends. Amy Nicholson November 12,

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The DEATH of JONATHAN BRANDIS ✮ His Death Story ✮ Beyond Death

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  1. Everyone knew who teen heartthrob Jonathan Brandis was in the '90s, but like many young Hollywood actors, his time at the top was short-lived as he struggled to transition into successful adult roles.

  2. On November 11, , friends found the actor hanging from a rope in his Los Angeles apartment.

  3. After more than a decade of silence, actress Danielle Harris speaks intimately, and exclusively for the LifeAfter Project, about the death of her best friend, actor Jonathan Brandis.

  4. Beginning his career as a child model, Brandis moved on to acting in commercials and subsequently won television and film roles.

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