Neopets 14th birthday goodie bag prizes and awards

Neopets 14th birthday goodie bag prizes and awards

Oh, it's a Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag! The script that awards Mystery Pic winners sometimes gets a little over-excited and awards prizes twice. Click on King Altador in the Council Chamber to collect your prize(s). . Second NC Mall Sixth Birthday Goodie Bag (July 17, to?) .. 12 - Collect items by helping to dig out the rock at the Mysterious Dig Site. . NOTE - Rosie's bonus prize started to be awarded on about April 24, to those who qualified. 14th birthday! Opening up the Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag, gives you the chan. So what are you waiting for, get opening some neopets goodie bags!.

Neopets 14th birthday goodie bag prizes and awards -

Join the Arm Wrestle Challenge to be part of the fun. Wicked Winter Mystery Capsule. Then search Meridell until you find the correct dragoyle.

Sparkling Green Mystery Capsule. Spools of Silk Thread. National Neopian Bank Treasure Map.

Sparkling Orange Mystery Capsule. Check out the 1-Player Challenger Combat Guide for more info. Pay NP to spin the Wheel of Monotony every 24 hours use at risk! But, I still made way more on plushies: Angelwings78 for allowing me to link to her Mall album.

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Neopets 14th birthday goodie bag prizes and awards -

It expires, and he's given random NC items worth a total of NC. But, I still made way more on plushies: If you participated in the related NC Event you were allowed to sign-up on a side account as well and keep the free NC.

Secret Meepit Stache Retirement Bindle 3. Handmade Paper Valentine Crown Click to preview. They'll be replaced soon.

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: Neopets 14th birthday goodie bag prizes and awards

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Neopets 14th birthday goodie bag prizes and awards 167
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Neopets 14th birthday goodie bag prizes and awards
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  3. Feed each pet at the Movie Central Snack Bar the above is once per day and may not work in some countries.

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