Benefit posietint review

Benefit posietint review

Benefit Posie Tint: Swatches & Review. Guest Review By Nia. I haven't been into makeup very long but I discovered the magic of stains soon. Benefit Posietint is a poppy-pink tint that brightens cheeks and lips. beautyheaven rewards program, all members receive 5 points for each review they submit. benefit Cosmetics Posietint. benefit Cosmetics Posietint. Posietint Posie Tint Posietint. 3 MORE IMAGES > · WRITE A REVIEW. Benefit posietint review Posietint is a lovely soft muted baby pink shade which work best on fairer skin tones and will come out really well but on warm skin tones it requires layers just to give a hint of color to the cheeks. DIG INTO READING PRIZES FOR KIDS

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I wish there was a better application method; I have to blend Posietint very quickly end up with pink fingers. The only complaint is that Benefit posietint review dries out my lips just a tad. It smells lovely too. Hi Musey, this looks very pink! I can't wait to get my replacement bottle.

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Introducing posietint - poppy-pink lip & cheek stain Benefit posietint review

: Benefit posietint review

Benefit posietint review 7
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  1. I knew I had to review it for you all and compare it to Posie Tint, which I own the mini version of.

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