Wave 24 flood gate 2 war commander event prizes

Wave 24 flood gate 2 war commander event prizes

While I will completely remove my defensive platoon for the first few waves, you may not have that Walls were avoided by attacking units in previous events, but it looks like the AI has been changed so Operation FloodGate 2 - Event Prizes. War Commander will periodically run optional Special Events where Players must complete For more information on the Special Event Units (Prizes) please see: Event Shop. . Operation: Floodgate was the first Event to have Unit Restricted Attack Waves that only allowed the use of either Operation: Hellstorm 2 • px Operation: Heatwave is the 80th Special Event to be presented in War Commander. In most cases Notable Event Prizes. Navigation Operation: Hellstorm 2 • Operation: Floodgate • Operation: Floodgate 2 • Operation.

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Wave 24 flood gate 2 war commander event prizes -

So, we'll be taking the fight to him with everything we've got! Red Sky was the first to offer Past Event Prizes. Rogue Faction Command Center. Their assault begins on Friday, February The Event Shop may only be accessed while inside the Player's Base. Currently, a Special Event is being held once a month. Each Special Event has its own theme revolving around one of the Rogue Factions.

Wave 24 flood gate 2 war commander event prizes -

Level 6 Defense Lab. Gen 1 Survivors Unit Cache: Hellstorm 2 begins tomorrow - it's now or never, Commander! Kruger is seeking advanced technology that lives deep under the Sector. Sasha and her followers have already wiped out the Black Widow faction and now have their sight set on your base. Shadow believes this could be advanced tech from before the Great War, which could provide Kruger a considerable advantage if he gets his hands on it. Burnside - Chaplain Hero.

Badger Run is an Event exclusively for new players. Jan 22, Official Event Video. Click on an image to view actual size. Shock Tank - Elite. Attack vs Defense Breakdown. However, Kruger is not relenting. Additional Restart Tokens awarded for completing Mission 3.

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Operation: Floodgate 2

Wave 24 flood gate 2 war commander event prizes

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  1. As with previous Events, Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly difficult stages of battle against a Rogue Faction.

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