Knocking sound wakes me up

Knocking sound wakes me up

With me it has been something major happening in 12 to 24 hours I have been woke up with the knocks from sound sleep. that is how it. I mean it was loud and it woke me up and as always no one is at my door. . I hear a loud knocking just like someone knocking on a door. I am hearing very distinct sounds in dreams, that wake me up. Doorbells, knocking. These do not continue after I wake up and if I do a search.

: Knocking sound wakes me up


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Knocking sound wakes me up

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Knocking sound wakes me up

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Knocking sound wakes me up

Knocking sound wakes me up -

When I was a child I was never allergic to Bee stings but when I hit 40 I became severely allergic and have to carry an Ecpipen in case I'm stung. The building was only about 5 years old, had new wiring. They say that if you sit at the beach at sundown and watch. Pleased I found this post as I've never experienced this before and was thinking I'm going crazy.

It does startle me, but since I know it's just in my head and harmless, I just roll over and go back to sleep. March 29, at

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Engine Knock Sound - Explained

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Next time you see the doctor have your neck checked. I was woken up again by my dream not a knock the knock was only at the beginning not Knocking sound wakes me up, but twice. Comments are not pre-screened before they post. Super weird though If I find any metaphysical background on this I'll post the info!! But all they ever want to do is put me on anti-depressants.

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I was just woken up by a loud knocking in the spirit

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