Cyberlympics prizes for adults

Cyberlympics prizes for adults

Global CyberLympics' goal is to raise awareness towards increased education and ethics in Prizes. First Place. $ US; *1 cert course per player. Nigeria to Represent Africa at Global Cyberlympics Global Cyberlympics is a hands-on cyber security team competition that brings together the best ethical Foundation Rewards Outstanding Student as the meeting point of new ideas, culture and technology for the aspirationals and millennials. Career profiles of alumni who have chosen IT auditing provide a good The EC- Council is sponsoring over $, worth of prizes at the CyberLympics. Cyberlympics prizes for adults

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  • Global Cyberlympics · HOME · THE GAMES · About the Games · Schedule Prizes Register. Register for the Global...
  • Global CyberLympics' goal is to raise awareness towards increased education and ethics in Prizes. First Place. $ US; *1...

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Cyberlympics prizes for adults -

Throughout the day, teams were busy solving challenges on the game network that ranged in skill levels and disciplines. Images provided by Deposit Photos. The Dutch team, Team Hack. About EC-Council Foundation EC-Council Foundation is a charitable and educational organization dedicated to educating and training individuals in cyber security.

Some challenges were based on computer forensics, while others focused on pen testing, hacking, and problem solving. Instead, each team found a Da Vinci Code Cryptex, a portable vault used to hide messages based on the popular Da Vinci Code movies and books.

EC-Council Foundation Hacking Conference Holds World Finals for Global Cyberlympics

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