Walt longmire series goodreads giveaways

Walt longmire series goodreads giveaways

20 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Aug Sep 23, Longmire season 5 will be released on Netflix, September, 23rd. Enter for your chance. Walt Longmire is Sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County. The Cold Dish (Walt Longmire, #1), Death Without Company (Walt Longmire, #2), Kindness Goes. This the 12th book in the Longmire series and as always, Craig Johnson has delivered a well .. Shelves: crime-fiction, goodreads-firstreads-giveaway, mystery.

Walt longmire series goodreads giveaways -

So this last hurrah is a bit of a head scratcher. Also, I like the concept of a modern-day sheriff, investigating murders. This was a solid entry into the Longmire canon. Given that there's a rather big Indian presence in Absaroka County, the murder doesn't really come as a surprise. Still, all in all the book was an exciting and worthwhile read but not one of the stronger additions to the series.

It just seems strange to me because he DIDN'T read at all during the course of this book, yet rattled off literary references and quotes like they were tattooed on the inside of his eyelids.

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Book Giveaway For An Obvious Fact (Walt Longmire #12)

  • Book giveaway for Spirit of Steamboat (Walt Longmire, #) by Craig Johnson Dec Dec...
  • 50 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Jul Aug 12,...
  • Enter for a chance to win the thirteenth novel in Craig Johnson's beloved New York Times bestselling Longmire series, the...
  • Walt Longmire is Sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County. The Cold Dish (Walt Longmire, #1), Death Without...
  • Book giveaway for An Obvious Fact (Walt Longmire #12) by Craig Johnson...

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YA Author Elisa Ludwig on COIN HEIST

Youtube Video

YA Author Elisa Ludwig on COIN HEIST

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Book giveaway for The Cold Dish (Walt Longmire, #1) by Craig Johnson Aug Sep 23,

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