Why wont my clock widget work

Why wont my clock widget work

We continue to work on the widgets, but after doing a lot of digging and reading through a lot of documentation our lead developer has. I'm loving my S3, but tonight something weird happened. At precisely hrs the digital clock widget stopped working on both my and my. I said most of them simply won't display at all, although apparently they are there. EDIT: IT'S WORKING ON MY PHONE NOW The stock weather widget isn't pushing the hour forward even though the clock in the notification.

Fix: Android App Widgets Not Appearing

That was my problem since I had just moved all of my apps the SD card to save space. To break down into this issue, the app had to be moved back to the homage of the phone using these steps:. Sometimes the Home screen data may get corrupted. You at one's desire have to clear the Home screen data and start fresh. These steps will reset your icons on the Home small screen back to defaults. I have a galaxy7 and just did a update now all my position widgets are gone.

Followed the instructions and got my BA widget underwrite on my Android phone. Hi I moved whatsapp from internal to sd card on my Honor 7 phone. Since later the whatsapp widget stopped working so I deleted it with the purpose of re-installing the widget. But it had vanished from the widget Suggestion 2 was preferable but I do not know the app that runs home screen on Honor 7 n some of the steps suggested are not available on this version of Honor 7.

Once switched abandon to internal, the widget appeared. Nope majority of the step pages are not on my 5.

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How To Add Weather Widget to Home Screen of Your Android Phone ?

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Android : Clock widget showing wrong time (Fix)

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Why wont my clock widget work

Why wont my clock widget work -

If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Your email address will not be published. Possible solutions you could try if you have the same problem as me as mentioned by rajatpunkstaa ; I just repeat them to be complete but give a vote up there too:. No, create an account now. I might try uninstalling 3G Watchdog and seeing what happens.

Possible solutions you Why wont my clock widget work try if you have the same problem as me as mentioned by rajatpunkstaa ; I just repeat them to be complete but give a vote up there too:. This category holds the Weather and the Weather and Clock widgets. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Touch a category to access all the availble widgets, related to this category. By the way my brother restarted his phone and managed to reload his clock. For example, I have the widget for Google Fit on my home screen, and it is still showing the status from a couple of days ago; when I rebooted my phone. Watch and learn how to get the most out of your Samsung products!

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  1. A Widget is an interactive item that can be added to the Home screens of your device to give you quick access to information or tasks you perform frequently weather updates, calendar events and many others.

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