Walmart gift card text message

Walmart gift card text message

In February , internet users began reporting a new Walmart gift card scam in the form of a viral message that typically read something. Who wouldn"t want to receive a free gift card in the mail? Warning: Don't fall for this fake Walmart gift card scam! use your profile to lure other victims by direct messaging your friends or posting similar offers. If you get an offer in your inbox , social feed, or even in a text or phone call, do your research. Phone text message claims that the recipient has been selected to receive a $ Walmart gift card. The recipient is instructed to visit a.

Don't click on or respond to online ads or web sites offering free gift cards. The above example shows several signs of being a typical fraudulent Walmart email, such as an outdated logo and having a PO Box listed as an address. Learn more about phishing. Signs Walmart gift card text message Fraud The recipient may have not placed a Walmart. If you receive a notice through one Walmart gift card text message these channels, it is likely a scam.

However, after fulfilling the requirements, the consumer may never receive the promised gift, or they will be charged more than just shipping.

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Walmart gift card text message
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Thieves have found a way to empty Wal-Mart gift cards

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