Illinois unclaimed lottery prizes

Illinois unclaimed lottery prizes

Under private manager Northstar, grand prizes in Illinois Lottery's the game's gone with all these winners supposedly unclaimed," he said. The Illinois Lottery has increasingly continued to sell games after there Nonetheless, the most recent unclaimed prize list showed the lottery. The Illinois Lottery says in a news release that whoever purchased the winning Mega Millions 23 drawing has not claimed the $4 million prize.

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: Illinois unclaimed lottery prizes

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Illinois unclaimed lottery prizes

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  • Not sure if you won the lottery? Check out the...
  • ILLINOIS LOTTERY Instant Game Prize List. Cost. No. NAME. Top Prize(s). # TOP...
  • The Illinois Lottery provided all available data it had on unclaimed and expired jackpot prizes...
  • The Illinois Lottery has increasingly continued to sell games after there Nonetheless, the most recent unclaimed prize list showed...
  • Report: Illinois Lottery didn't pay major scratch-off wins | Northwest Herald
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  • Under private manager Northstar, grand prizes in Illinois Lottery's the...

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Illinois unclaimed lottery prizes -

Northstar has been under scrutiny for other areas, including not meeting profit projections. Northstar boosted the number of printed tickets, allowing them to offer bigger prizes. Workers at the factory would not have been able to have benefitted from the prediction though, because the state was not signed up to Powerball at the time! MS Project is available at more than 8, Illinois Lottery retailer locations across the state and has respectable odds of 1 in 4.

Starting this Sunday, July 14, you will have to pay more to play the Illinois lottery but players will be pleased to know that this change brings with it some great benefits.

The popular Extra Shot feature remains an optional purchase on every Lotto ticket. News you use every day!

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Illinois Lottery says $4 million winner is still a mystery


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  1. Martin Fuentes, 73, has played the same line for the past three years after opening the fortune cookie during a meal with his late mother.

  2. Illinois lagged behind other states that have high instant-game ticket sales when it came to paying out grand prizes, both in the number of prizes and the percentage of revenue, according to the Tribune.

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