Dual interface usb flash drive

Dual interface usb flash drive

The 32GB M1 OTG USB Dual Interface Flash Drive from Amicroe is a unique dual interface flash drive equipped with one standard USB interface and one. Adam Elements' 64GB, GB dual-interface USB Type-C flash drive. With a dual-interface swivel featuring both the latest super-speed USB Type-C & USB. Kingston Digital Ships Dual Interface USB for Android Smartphones, Tablets A small form factor combination USB and microUSB Flash drive, DataTraveler®.

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3 in 1 USB OTG Flash Drive for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC
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When you need to make the right impression, a device as delightful as the ROMA makes the difference. No more classic upside-down struggles: From everyday use to professional photo or video, these Dual interface usb flash drive deliver exceptional speeds, huge capacities and legendary Kingston reliability.

Card Readers Kingston Card Readers quickly transfer all your data — photos, videos, music, etc. No external power, no software and no drivers required.

Dual interface usb flash drive -

A feature of Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows to Go lets IT administrators provide mobile and contingency workers with secure access to the corporate environment. Kingston Card Readers quickly transfer all your data — photos, videos, music, etc. This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality.

This is especially helpful as more and more smartphones and some tablets come without a microSD card storage expansion slot. For the next generation. Read more about our cookie policy.

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