Penn station free sub app

Penn station free sub app

Penn Station East Coast Subs: FREE 6″ Sub When You Download App For a limited time, whenever you download the Penn Station app for. Fast-casual dining chain Penn Station East Coast Subs is rolling out a new The referred friend will receive a free sandwich upon downloading the app, giving. For a limited time, whenever you download the Penn Station app for iOS or Please note that your Free 6″ sub offer will be valid for 60 days.

Penn station free sub app -

So after seeing the hype for the app in my local shop I decided to download it for the rewards. We understand that you had a poor experience and may not want to give us another try, but we would like the chance to make things right if possible. Including mobile gamification is another must-have strategy used by QSR brands attempting to stir up extended app engagement among millennials and younger individuals. I have been a firm believer in the Jimmy Johns, which works superbly.

Additionally, consumers can boost their amount of loyalty credit by referring a friend via social media, a move that will help spread news about the app in a more organic way. View our other publications Privacy policy Terms of use Take down policy.

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Get a free sub with app download!

Maybe frustration is the key here. This app should seriously be pulled off the store until it Penn station free sub app and employees are trained on it. We understand that you had a poor experience and may not want to give us another try, but we would like the chance to make things right if possible. The app is so slow, it gets stuck constantly and after I placed my Penn station free sub app, it just froze up, so I tried to place the order AGAIN, but it did the same thing.

Please send us a private message at pennstation rlvt.


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  1. Slicing up mobile incentives The restaurant chain, which maintains over locations in 15 states across the East Coast, is ramping up excitement for its Penn Station Subs app, available for iOS and Android devices.

  2. Mobile App includes loyalty rewards, mobile pay, online ordering, in app gift card purchase, store locators, menu, social interaction, games, and more.

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