Hex encore 808

Hex encore 808

The Hex Encore Wireless Speaker is just what you need to create the perfect party. Connect to any device or media via Bluetooth, SD card, aux in, USB or FM . The Audio Hex Encore Bluetooth Speaker features a bass boost button and 2 USB inputs. SPBK New HEX Encore Wireless Speaker sold by Wholesale Connection. Audio Hex Encore Speaker - Microphone - AC Power Cord - 4' mm.

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Hex encore 808 -

Does it accomplish these objectives successfully and, more importantly, does it sound great doing so? Overall, the sound wasn't bad, but it wasn't outstanding either. Vivamus eget mi at ligula volutpat consectetur. After pairing your device with the speaker and setting the volume on your phone or tablet, the volume dial on the top of the speaker quickly increases or decreases its audio output. Stay in the Know!

808 Audio SP480BK

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Unfortunately, there isn't an option to save your own equalizer presets, though it isn't too difficult to take a photo of the equalizer slider settings with your iPhone to provide a sound setting reminder later. Most of the speaker's inputs and features are located at the top of the unit. Sed vitae euismod mi. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. When Hex encore 808 asked my family Hex encore 808 they thought of the EncoreXL's sound quality, they responded with pretty good!

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808 Audio HEX Encore SP480 (SP480BK) Portable Speaker

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